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Growing up as a pedophile

Posted by William on 2010-10-16 23:36:10, Saturday

By the time I was 13 I knew that I was unnaturally fond of younger boys, though coming from a religious family I accepted it as my Lot and somehow knew that this type of orientation had to be disguised.

At boarding school I had a very desirable young-looking close friend the same age as myself but he never knew how much he sexually attracted me.

I never expressed how I craved for the younger boys at school and was also alarmed to learn that a younger boy that I did not know wrote a love sonnet about me, but fortunately my peers kept me from seeing it or him!

I avoided young boys for the next 5 years acting like a so-called "normal" person until the day I was looking for accommodation. When I rang the first doorbell it was answered by the most beautiful 10 yr old boy. He persuaded his mother to let me stay and that same evening he sat on my lap and came into my bed for an hour of cuddling every Sunday morning for the next year. – Occasionally his parents would strip the bed-clothing off my bed to see that nothing inappropriate was going on!

And so began my life as an active boy lover for the next 60 yrs since I was 13yrs old.

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