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Re: Holiness

Posted by Blackstone on 2010-10-25 18:18:04, Monday
In reply to Holiness posted by Cat on 2010-10-25 14:36:13, Monday

I agree that the ultimate question for a Christian is whether it is sinful or not. If it is, then the question of emotional harm is overshadowed by the possibility of spiritual harm.

Nevertheless, I believe that is a separate debate from debates over what is normal, what is harmful, what should be socially acceptable, what the risks are, etc. All of them are debates worth having for reasons that go beyond justifying our own desires. If pedosexuality is a natural human condition just like homosexuality, harm to children is largely illusory, and there may be benefits that we are giving up on, then the current witch hunt and legal situation is a grave injustice that we as a society should strive to correct. This is important no matter what your religious point of view is unless you support Taliban styled forced enforcement of religious views.

Thus, while I do agree with you about how our beliefs must shape our actions, I do not believe we should ignore the other important questions as a result.

Then again, if you are like Dakota and rely on those questions being answered a certain way in order to keep you faithful; perhaps you are better off staying out of such debates and holding on to your beliefs based on faith alone, evidence be damned.

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