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Re: Yes, unnatural

Posted by Dakota on 2010-10-24 07:01:43, Sunday
In reply to Re: Yes, unnatural posted by Blackstone on 2010-10-24 04:11:12, Sunday

Please list some of those "many benefits" and explain why they do not apply to relations between adults and children.

Two becoming one flesh is the main benefit. In the Bible, this was reserved for married couples, certainly not for a mentoring relationship.

Emotional bonding, pleasure, stress relief, increased self esteem? Oh please. You don't need sex for any of that. And I hardly think that a boy having sex with a man is going to elevate his self esteem. Quite the opposite.

My question to you would be this. If boylovers did NOT want, desire, or enjoy having sex with boys, would they still want to do it for the boys "own good"?


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