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Re: Yes, unnatural

Posted by Blackstone on 2010-10-24 19:35:00, Sunday
In reply to Re: Yes, unnatural posted by Dakota on 2010-10-24 07:01:43, Sunday

Two becoming one flesh is the main benefit.

You said there were "many benefits". Yet when asked to list some of them and explain why they do not apply to intergenerational relationships, you are reduced to mentioning only one. The one "benefit" you mention happens to be of a purely symbolic nature and requires you have certain views about sex heavily dependent on some fundamentalist theologies in order to even believe that the "benefit" exists in anything but a symbolic way.

Oh please. You don't need sex for any of that.

Neither do you need ice cream in order to feel satisfied after a meal. Nor do you need roller coasters in order to feel excitement. Nor do you need music in order to feel enjoyment. Nor do you need sports in order to get exercise. You could eliminate any one of those things if you really wanted to and we would find the benefits that those activities have some other way. But eventually, if you eliminate enough of them, life stops being very enjoyable and you begin to resemble the Amish.

The point isn't that without sex you could not have these things. The point is that sex has benefits that apply to all those who participate in it responsibly. Whether there are other ways to gain those benefits is irrelevant.

And I hardly think that a boy having sex with a man is going to elevate his self esteem. Quite the opposite.

Yet studies on the subject (See the work of Sandfort, Brongersma, and Rind for example) seem to show that it does. As does a vast amount of anecdotal evidence you can find throughout literature (take the recent memoir "Running With Scizzors" as an example).

Above is a link to a whole book on the topic if you care to delve deeper into that question.

If boylovers did NOT want, desire, or enjoy having sex with boys, would they still want to do it for the boys "own good"?

I have no desire to drill into people's teeth. The idea of looking at people's open mouths all day long, drilling into their teeth and injecting their gums with needles disgusts me. Yet, I do not deny that dentistry is an important field and that everyone should visit a dentist regularly. Thankfully, God in his infinite wisdom created people who do have a desire to do such work and who are willing to do it for the rest of us (albeit, at great cost).

In other words, whether I want to do it or not will affect my own desire and willingness to do something myself. It does not and should not affect my opinion on whether someone else doing it would be a good thing or not.

Aassuming we lived in a society where such sexual contact was acceptable and assuming that I was a BL who had no sexual interest in boys, would I still be interested in doing it for his own sake? I don't know...maybe. It wouldn't be the first thing I don't like doing but wind up doing anyway for my YF's sake. Telling him "no" and then sticking to my guns when he wants to do or get something that is not appropriate for his age comes to mind. Punishing him comes to mind. Sitting through some of the braindead, boring, garbage films that he enjoys comes to mind. Getting on rides that literally make me sick at an amusement park with him comes to mind. Given I've done so many other things for his sake that I don't enjoy. So, would I do sex if it were acceptable in society and it was something he could benefit from at that point in our relationship? Probably.

We aren't faced with those decisions though since we don't live in a society where such is acceptable. It's far easier to say no when you know that saying yes could cause him harm thanks to society's crazy views.

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