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Re: Yes, unnatural

Posted by Blackstone on 2010-10-24 21:48:52, Sunday
In reply to Re: Yes, unnatural posted by Dakota on 2010-10-24 21:05:23, Sunday

My main point was that I believe some blers are so adamant about sex with kids being beneficial to them is because they themselves want it so badly.

I have no doubt that some BLers simply follow their feelings and base their opinions not on what is most likely to be factually correct, but rather on what they feel is right or what is most beneficial to their chosen lifestyle or cause. We see that on this forum all the time. Around here, it typically takes the form of people ignoring facts and logic and resorting to emotional appeals, appeals to common sense, ad hominem attacks, and other such fallacious arguments in attempting to justify their anti-sex point of view. I have no doubt that there are others who do the exact same thing on the other side of the argument as well.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that people on both sides fall for this same mistake, the fact remains that one side is correct and the other isn't. Pointing out the members of one side or the other that are seeing what they want to see instead of what the evidence shows does nothing to further our knowledge. We should instead be pointing at the facts, the real evidence for one side or the other.

So if the sex doesn't harm kids, society's reaction to it surely will.

Having known quite a few man/boy sexual relationships that existed until adulthood without any trace of harm, I would question your inclusion of the word "surely". There is no doubt that such relationships have and do exist and there are plenty of adults around today who look back on such relationships fondly and who actively oppose the notion that such relationships are harmful. Discounting those people's experience requires that you revert to such circular logic as saying "see? he was so harmed by it that he was brainwashed into growing up to believe it was ok!! oh the horror!" and believe me I've heard such nonsense from the antis before.

The question then, isn't whether such relationships without harm are possible, for we know they are. Neither is the question whether such relationships can be harmful, for we know they can be as well. The question is what is the risk of harm and is the risk worthwhile? Most of us here have decided the risk isn't worth it. But that shouldn't serve as an excuse for becoming blind to the existence of another side of the coin.

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