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I kind of want to get it over with

Posted by Youth?? on 2012-04-19 05:04:19, Thursday

So, my best friend I've been having sex with on and off since I hit puberty is making me feel wierd.

Note: He claims to be strait, yet we had sex from ages 12-15, and again at 18. (we're the same age)

Several years down the line now (still dating women), and we're still the best of friends, but recently he's hit me with this wall of jokes.

Every other sentence is about him 'doing me' or some other sexual context.
I mean these jokes find a way into every conversation.

He does it so much, I'm honestly wondering if he's being serious...
But even if he IS just kidding, I'd rather get this over with, because either way our friendship will improve (or evolve).

On one hand, nothing changes - I go on having romantic feelings for a guy who has none for me, nor any other male - nothing new.

Or he DOES actually want a relationship, meaning all these feelings I've bottled up can come rushing out. (No pun intended.)

But I really want to know, but starting the conversation is the hard part, and also has a high probability of being akward for us both.

Still, I want to know.

I mean, when I pick up the phone and the first thing he says to me is:
"I'm gonna grab your [private area] when I see you here in an hour."
Without any previous context...

May you die strong

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