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Re: The biblical view - IMNSHO!

Posted by Blackstone on 2012-04-22 02:34:17, Sunday
In reply to The biblical view - IMNSHO! posted by Eldad on 2012-04-21 13:37:51, Saturday

I think there is room for debate in some of those verses, specially when we take into account who they were written for. But I'm not really interested in debating whether pre-marital sex is biblically acceptable or not right now. I think what you posted above is great and I don't really have an issue with it.

What I had a problem with was calling the view you espouse "the traditional understanding" when your views are actually modern at best, perhaps post-modern depending on how far into the "one flesh" thing you go.

An appeal to the bible is great, an appeal to tradition is not. Specially if we can show that there is no such tradition. The historical record shows that Christian views on sexuality have evolved over the last two millenia in the direction of being more accepting. It's not something that started in the 1960s, it's something that started in the first century. We've gone from being a people who viewed sex and most other things that bring pleasure as evil, to a people that accept it as a gift from God. It didn't occur in the last 40 years, it occurred over the last 2,000. There is no "traditional understanding" and if there were it would be more along the lines of seeing sex as evil, not along the lines of viewing it as a good thing for married couples to partake of.

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