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Re: Of love, fuck buddies and getting hurt

Posted by Blackstone on 2012-04-20 23:07:13, Friday
In reply to Of love, fuck buddies and getting hurt posted by Eldad on 2012-04-20 19:52:41, Friday

What is traditional in your view? Where do you draw the line between traditional and primitive or outdated?

The earliest Christians saw sex as inherently evil and taught that the ideal lifestyle is one of celibacy. They also taught that as a last resort, one should get married but that one should avoid enjoying sex.

With time the focus on celibacy as the ideal subsided, but for the first millenium and a half the traditional Christian view was that a married man should have sex with his wife only for procreation and that to enjoy sex is sinful.

As time went on the Christian view on sex continued evolving, eventually doing away with the idea that sex is evil or sinful and embracing a new age view of sex as a spiritual union.

Our Christian thought on sex continues to evolve to this day, with many churches accepting homosexual relationships and other alternative lifestyles.

So, which of these views is the traditional? I suppose that to every generation, what they grew up being taught as kids would be what they considered "the traditional" as adults. But as you can see through the study of history, there has never been a clearly established traditional view of sex in Christianity.

So, the question is, which of the many views Christianity has held over the years do you consider traditional? and why do you subscribe to that one?

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