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Re: Of love, fuck buddies and getting hurt

Posted by Youth?? on 2012-04-24 06:51:44, Tuesday
In reply to Re: Of love, fuck buddies and getting hurt posted by Dakota on 2012-04-23 16:46:21, Monday

Having no ideals of your own outside your own religion isn't a good's sad. You don't need a book written in the bronze age to tell you what's right and whats wrong.

"And without a relationship with Jesus, anything else in life is meaningless."

A relationship with a person you cannot see, touch or even feel, is borderline insanity. As a believer in God you hold the burden of proof to prove his exsistance, which of course hasn't been proven. It's nothing more then an invisible babysitter. Faith is literally believing in something with ZERO material evidence. Also, belief is a brain state, it's not something you can achieve through sheer willpower. But how is it people use rational, logical reasoning in every part of their life except the most important part - religion?

Then you take another step and call your opinion 'humble'.

First, there's nothing 'humble' about calling your own opinion humble, your drawing attention to your humility, and thus locking yourself in a loop hole.

Secondly, the story of Jesus isn't unique to Christianity, the story of a god/goddess sending their child or someone else of importance to die for the greater good - has been told many times throughout history, even before Christianity. And to think that out of the billions of years the earth has exsisted that you (we) are important enough that God chose to move within this small timeline to just our small blip in time...

There is NOTHING humble about that opinion. It entirely exsists off the basis that everyone is special. And it's just not true.

Bottom line, I can't accept anything that isn't founded in actual facts, achieved through a rational and logical thought process.

Yet, I continue to post here because even though you all hold these beliefs (and have EVERY right to do so) you also have some expierence in some of these areas, but if that's the best I'm going to get - Christian advice, and none of the human element, I guess it's time I find a new forum to mingle with.

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