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Re: Of love, fuck buddies and getting hurt

Posted by Youth?? on 2012-04-23 03:16:53, Monday
In reply to Of love, fuck buddies and getting hurt posted by Eldad on 2012-04-20 19:52:41, Friday

As a fan of House M.D, I have to say:
"Everybody lies."

Including my friend.
He hasn't told me he's not interested...he hasn't told be he IS interested in women. He hasn't told me anything, but he keeps making these very akward passes at me. In a non-sexual context - we love each other very much. We're extremely close, we've shared all kind of garbage through thick and thin, ect - you know that old story.

But I just want to know so I can make a move - or not.

At this point I've pretty much abandoned "Christian" views entirely.
I just refuse to take advice about the afterlife, or anything pertaining to that subject. (Heaven v Hell, for example) from a human being. There's absolutley no way to nail down the integrity of the Bible. When you add that to all the division that any kind of religion causes, I'm just down right sick of it. I'm taking more of an Atheist standpoint. I make no claims to what exsists beyond the supernatural.

That said, I'm not into 'fuck buddies' either. I have no plans on entering a purely physical relationship, I know well enough thats not enough for me. I've been dating this other guy for a while, and I love him, but I'd be lying to myself if I pretended I wouldn't take my best friend in a heart beat. I mean he literally is the ying to my yang - and that's just being friends.

Like I've said, I've come to terms to the idea that he's probably strait. But why all these comments? He's a joker but not this extent. I just need to know if there is anything there.

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