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Posted by Atheist on 2016-10-07 22:02:12, Friday
In reply to here posted by Erich on 2016-09-27 05:58:23, Tuesday

Paedophilia: a strong SEXUAL attraction to prepubescent children

That's the definition of paedophilia, I find it interesting that they also list this as a mental Illness.

But that's besides the point, I noticed that you say that Dawkins also experienced this illness and that you wonder why I don't give him grief as well.

The big difference between Dawkins and Christian pedo's like these ones is that Christianity is meant to be the moral standard, they are supposed live a disciplined lifestyle, when you purposely stray from those standards (like for instance, fondling an altar boy) you are showing the world that this is the what the "holy people of god' really are and that is a bunch of bottom feeding hypocrites.

Now I believe atheism does not aspire to be morally perfect as such a thing will never happen, so even though Dawkins fucked up big time, at least he didn't preach to us saying that we were "rotten hell fodder"

And as for you speaking for all non believers about their stance on my belief, who are you to be the voice of everyone else? Damn, you must be someone with telepathic powers since you obviously know what all non believers think, or you could be batshit crazy, I'm going to pick the latter in your case

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