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Posted by Erich on 2016-09-27 05:58:23, Tuesday
In reply to Hmmm posted by An amused atheist on 2016-09-22 22:59:31, Thursday

I am not a pedophile or homosexual nor a Christian but This site is intended for people who believe in ghosts, but besides to believe in ghosts are pedophiles: people who like sexually children, but is not a requisite abuse boys or maintain sexual contact with children

Pedophilia is just the attraction to prepubescent children, is not a sexual act, is an attraction, whether bad or wrong, here ghost worshipers not advocate raping children

Your aggressive attitude is an insult to the 'non-believers' like me, you're just as intolerant than those Christian fundamentalists who shout kill people just for being gays blacks etc.

The church is not full of pedophiles, but people who abuse children circumstantially, but normally are not sexually atracted to children, also in Christian groups are not more pedophiles than any atheist group

you know that Richard Dawkins said his experience of "mild pedophilia" with a teacher (he touched the intimate parts) was not so horrible (for being an abuse) and did not cause permanent consequences in their life? why you're not going to the website of Dawkins and insult he for not obeying your religious dogma about child abuse?

child abuse is disgusting but pedophiles just like children, but most of them do not abuse them, they just want to live their lives like everyone else but just with an attraction to children and many neither abused a child nor were engage in anal sex with boys

also being underage is not the same that being child, an "under age" is an arbitrary age that have put states, has nothing to do with biology, someone aged 15 is just as capable than one aged 18, do not take me for a fool, these worshipers of ghosts can be deluded, me not, also people in all ages fall in love with "under ages" because that is not biological being "under age" and attractions are biological ok?

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