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That's a nice expression but

Posted by Godspell on 2016-10-18 06:52:01, Tuesday
In reply to Where there's smoke there's fire posted by An amused atheist on 2016-10-18 06:08:05, Tuesday

is not always literally true.

"So I thought when I mentioned paedophilia you'd immediately assume child molester, but oh no!"

Of course I would not assume pedophile = child molester. I am a pedophile and I don't molest children or do anything illegal involving minors. I know many other pedophiles who are the same in that regard.

"Should we feel sorry for the dirty old sod that knocks up a kid that hasn't even reached puberty?"

My understanding is the expression "knocked up" means someone got pregnant and that is not possible before puberty. Regardless you keep putting words in my mouth, including the sentence before this one. I regularly and no one would consider me old. Why use such tripe stereotypes when talking to us?

"Paedophila is a SEXUAL attraction not just an emotional one"

I agree, that is true.

"since it's a sexual one then it will eventually lead to a sexual encounter with a child."

That is entirely not true. All [group of people] {do something]... Is never true. Take a big enough group of people and the people in that group will be very different.

Do you mind if I ask what your goal is in coming here and talking to posters here?

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