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Tabitha Church

Posted by Tabs on 2016-12-09 13:06:59, Friday
In reply to Conflicting view posted by An amused atheist on 2016-10-20 08:54:53, Thursday

My interpretation of the bible reveals Jesus as a radical feminist who exalts womanhood and childhood. Adulthood is servitude and adoration of female children, and with great emphasis upon virginity. Boys do not even have virginity.

Basically, people who love and adore little girls are just simple honest wholesome human beings, meek and dutiful to the Lord.

IN this sense, pedophiles are very cool and better than non-pedophiles.

Non-pedophiles are an explicit example of sinful evil wicked liars, who go against the creator of our human life-cycle and our species.

The word Christian and Pedophile are synonymous.
If you're not a pedophile you can still be christian, but yer not a very good one.
Real Christians adore little girls and exalt them.
We don't fuck them because sexual purity is a virtue.
But we enjoy seeing them run around naked, and thoughts of their future in marriage.

The Virgin Mary was 12 and a half when she got pregnant by God.
Mary Magdalene was wife of Jesus at age 14.

The age of consent in Gods eyes is 12.

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