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Nigga please!!

Posted by The annihilator on 2016-10-17 23:22:55, Monday
In reply to How sensible posted by An amused atheist on 2016-10-16 02:13:13, Sunday

You are the motherfucking idiot. Pedophilia is not like to start a shooting out as you are in a video game!! Sexualities were based off in attractions, not the actions. You fucking dumb ass piece of shit. Even saying that, those pedohypocrites freaks sucked ass just like you. You stupid ass faggot. Were do you want to fight me? Come on bitch, you motherfucking piece of shit, prove me wrong. Fat ass motherfucker.

Please STFU you fatass piece of shit. Come suck my underage cock now. Pedohypocrisy is for faggots. Get AIDS you fatass son of a bitch. You wanna suck Michael Jackson's cock too? Fat ass faggot. You arnt worth 10,000 dollars. What is you address bitch? Im coming fatass. None of your explanations make sense anyways fat ass motherfucker, you are probably sucking underage cock right now and then letting your mom fuck you in the ass with a 12 inch strap on while you fucking faggot dad is sucking underage cocks in hell. Fuck you fatass, and STFU!!

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