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says ...

Posted by Varg on 2016-09-22 21:08:26, Thursday
In reply to Get help posted by Mordecai on 2016-09-21 23:22:19, Wednesday

... the guy with paranoid schizophrenia who believes in imaginary spooks.

Christianity was created by some decadent and degenerated Romans as a tool of oppression, in the late Roman era, and it should be treated accordingly. It is like handcuffs to the mind and spirit and is nothing but destructive to mankind. In fact I don't really see Christianity as a religion. It is more like a spiritual plague, a mass psychosis, and it should first and foremost be treated as a problem to be solved by the medical science. Christianity is a diagnosis. It's like Islam and the other Asian religions, a HIV/AIDS of the spirit and mind.

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