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Ideologies not religions per se

Posted by Eldad on 2016-09-24 04:46:07, Saturday
In reply to Truth posted by An amused atheist on 2016-09-22 23:13:15, Thursday

Only those with no sense of history, or an inability to think thoroughly, will make the mistake of blaming 'religion' rather than 'ideology'. The fact that some groups within Islam have a nasty habit of killing off people is as nothing compared with the vast numbers killed in the 20th century as a result of the ideologies of that period (consider Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot). On a longer timescale, it is an interesting exercise to consider what proportion of wars over the centuries had anything to do with religion; the overwhelming majority are about nationalism, or merely rape and pillage.

And of course everyone has an ideology; the only question is whether they have thought it through, considered it consequences and adopted it, or merely drifted into believing what the mass of people around them think. Sadly most people don't think - it's far more fun to watch TV, or go and pick on the present set of scapegoats in our society.

The INTERESTING challenge is to provide a coherent explanation for why you believe what you believe. This is something atheists struggle with: they have no foundation for their attractive superstructure of beliefs from which we do all benefit. For example it is widely believed that blacks and whites should have the same rights (and yes, of course I agree). But as to why this should be believed when it was not believed for hundreds of years isn't clear; it is therefore not 'obvious', it is merely an assumption that we have grown up with and therefore believe without thinking.

It is the breakdown of any agreed basis for morality that makes the culture wars inevitable, and problematic. If there is no objective basis on which to base morality, then we end up with 'might - i.e. the majority - is right'. And then get upset when there is evidence about what at least a substantial minority believes when Trump gets nominated. The breakdown of the traditional consensus is leaving the emperor looking naked; this doesn't usually end well. The desperate attempts to distract attention from this by blaming all religion for the behaviour of this generation of terrorists shows imagination; it doesn't show intelligent thought.

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