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Errrr - try again please?

Posted by Eldad on 2016-09-28 03:45:27, Wednesday
In reply to A question posted by An amused atheist on 2016-09-26 09:07:03, Monday

I've tried to understand your comments and failed to see where you were going. My wordprocessor suggests that your first sentence is 81 words long; given that the reading age to comprehend a sentence is approximately the number of words in it, the fact that I'm not an OAP means it's not a surprise I didn't get it! (At 33, that sentence after the semi-colon was probably too long as well...) Let's try again:

The reading age required for a sentence is the number of words in it. Or so. I'm not a pensioner. So my expecting to read that was a bit optimistic...

However one point I'll challenge. Your claim: 'Christianity has grown old and twisted' as evidenced by its modern beliefs is wrong because it doesn't recognise the weird and perverse things that some 'Christians' have believed down the centuries. The best example of this is the single medieval manuscript of the New Testament that 'records' that Jesus had a week of sex with a boy. Equally the New Testament spends much time being critical of the behaviour of some of the Christians of the day, including the 'Jezebel' who was encouraging Christians to commit sexual immorality. (Rev 2). So no - this sort of attitude of Christians conforming to the sexual attitudes of those around them rather than holding what God had revealed is nothing new!

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