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A question

Posted by An amused atheist on 2016-09-26 09:07:03, Monday
In reply to Ideologies not religions per se posted by Eldad on 2016-09-24 04:46:07, Saturday

You make a fair point, however your examples are ones of those from long ago, admittedly Christianity has helped us out by laying moral foundations, however Christianity has grown old and twisted as is clearly shown by a "Christian" site that promotes homosexuality and paedophile, which if I'm not mistaken, your deity HATES, now I see all forms of religion/ideals/orders as having a life cycle, your Christianity has had it's day and will only serve as a burden until it is gone. people used these ideals/religions as a way to better mankind and once its usefulness was done or it didn't work, they changed as they saw fit, that same thing has happened to Christianity, and one day it will happen to atheism as well, unfortunately your bygone religion isn't fading away, it's mutated into a paedophile haven, lying, cheating scam. And while sectarian governments do the same, their job is to grow no matter the moral cost, while Christianity is supposed to uphold the moral law which the modern church world has failed to do, you have become the very thing which you promised not to be, you are much worse than hypocrites, you are traitors. And I think the Russian Red army had the perfect solutions for traitors, shoot them. I don't usually support communist ideas but that one concerning traitors would be an exception

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