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god doesn't care what happens to boys

Posted by tabitha church on 2016-12-09 13:53:06, Friday
In reply to A question posted by An amused atheist on 2016-09-26 09:07:03, Monday

males do not have virginity
sex is much more meaningful to the female

for males sex is just arm wrestling, massage therapy
romance is not instinctual to the male and he cannot get pregnant

God simply does not care if boys touch each other or have sex with each other, at any age. what happens to boys as victims of molestation is inconsequential & meaningless.

Adultery against the female is evilness.
Boys and men having sex doesn't constitute as adultery or even sex.
It's nothing more than child massage.
There are no rules when it comes to boys and men touching each other since Christ died for our sins.
Men having sex with boys simple doesn't matter to the universe at all, it's like you scratch my back and i'll scratch yours, big deal.

Having sex with girls actually means something, it matters to the Lord.
It's called marriage.
Two males cannot marry. Gay marriage is just a legal agreement thingy and has nothing to do with procreation or the life-cycle in any way shape or form.

Satisfying the desire to scratch an itch is not lust.
Lust requires breasts and vagina to be valid.
There is no need to worry or trouble yourself about anything that happens between boys, except for lack of love. You should love every child.
And love to serve them, to serve as a back scratcher/arm wrestling partner.
There is a huge difference between monkeying around with a boy and touching breasts or vagina. Boys don't even have boobs. Boys are born with limitless amounts of sperm to spill where ever whenever.
Girls are born with only a specific set amount of eggs, and the passage of each one is vital to life and creation.
The idea that the genders are equal is very non-christian.
So also the idea that adulthood and childhood are equal, they are not, and Jesus makes it clear many times in the bible. Adulthood is servitude to childhood.

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