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Age of Consent

Posted by Justchecking24 on 2015-01-27 14:52:12, Tuesday

I know that for Christians sex with minors is a sin. But at what age do you no longer consider a person a child? The law has set an arbitrary number on many things such as the age to drive, drink, buy certain products, but this is just a man-made standard. Saying when someone is old enough to handle the responsibility of a child is just as subjective as any other standard. There are a great number of people that are unable to care for their children regardless of their age. If you had a YF that you cared for deeply in their prepubescent years, and they later grew fond of you and wanted a physical relationship, at what age is it okay? Obviously I am asking your personal opinion, if legal repercussions were of no issue.

I am asking because recently a boy I knew in his prepubescent years has come into some form of adulthood. He is now capable of transporting himself and is legal to work, although with some restrictions. He has expressed a desire to spend time with me now that he is no longer dependent on others. Although he hasn't outright said their is a physical attraction, some of his earlier actions during puberty suggest to me one may exist. Legally he is still underage, although my state grants exceptions for 16 year olds to be with someone up to 19 (which doesn't apply to my case, but still). I don't plan on doing anything to jeopardize my freedom, but the fact that his feelings have persisted over years makes me question if there is in fact "love" there. At what point do you go with your feelings over logic?

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