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in a future world where people respect human life

Posted by tabs on 2015-03-06 23:00:59, Friday
In reply to Tabs lectures on Sex & Religion posted by tabitha church on 2015-02-13 10:13:46, Friday

in the future we will educate our children in kindergarten, how to form healthy relationships, how to love and marry and procreate, as if were actually something meaningful and important.

unlike today, thinkers today, even the most educated, are all blind as bats.

also in the future, we will educate people in this same manner, through church. unlike today.

things like honesty & love and wholesomeness are all synonymous and simultaneous with respect.

you either choose to educate the next generation in Truth
or in lies

those clinging huddled in fear, bound to falsehoods and deceit, existing in darkness of illusion & iniquity. all the negativity of chaos & confusion adrift society.
opposed to the living Light of the lovers of love, the righteous, walking in acceptance of grace. With faithful breath, free from doubt and greed and lust of earth.

There is great irony in the fact that without ol' Tabs this wisdom would go completely unspoken across the surface of the globe.
It takes a retard in order to hold fast that which is so simple.

What makes us human? not our credit score, not our cell phones.
What is called Christ, is that which keeps us more human.

What makes us like animals, like monsters?
Failure to talk to our kids about drugs or sex education.
Failure to recognize the significance of the teachings begotten of God, whose message seeps out through all creation from the very fabric of reality. Nobody has any good excuse for failing to obey the word of our Lord.

If ol' Tabs can manage to do it, i think you should be able to also.
People who are contemptuous of me, adept at harboring animosity against me or my kin, they will be exposed as minions of the rebellion of lucifer.
I am beloved of all real Christians. I serve as the litmus paper, testing in order to prove all things, who hold fast that which is goodly beautiful and right. Jesus called it, the Law of Love.

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