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Tabs lectures on Sex & Religion

Posted by tabitha church on 2015-02-13 10:13:46, Friday
In reply to Marriage? posted by Eldad on 2015-01-29 00:07:55, Thursday

Sex is marriage. In God's eyes you are married to every person you have sex with.
A good lover is measured by his capacity to facilitate respect for the human life-cycle.

Good Christians are judged according to the depth of their skills unifying family dynamism, parenting. By way of understanding sex, through the sharing Christ's unconditional love for all living things.

When you do casual sex with strangers, exchanging sacred orgasmic sparks devoid of love just for fun, it proves disconnection from the Holy Spirit.
It means you don't know what love is, nor sex, nor Jesus, nor respect for humanity.
When you are a good lover who actually knows how to do sex right, you'll see why meaningless sex without love is not worth it. When simultaneous orgasm ignites between man and wife, that is being most near to God as is humanly possible in life.
This is what the true core of Christianity actually looks like.
If your church does not stress the importance of this message I tell you, it means your church is totally full of crap, leading you astray.

When you are Christian, nothing is more wholesome than sex.
The construing of every idea purposing unwholesomeness of sex is direct manifestation of the hand of the devil.
Satan's main weapon of mass destruction for turning the souls of men against their creator God, is thru temptation to lust.
(dishonesty, dishonoring womanhood)

See, that's why Tabs likes perverts so much,
that is where the true light of jesus needs to shine most of all,
here where it all comes around.

i think wanting to have sex with little boys is probably one of the most backwards ideas conceivable by human consciousness.
weiners are dumb.
vaginas are complex and meaningful.

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