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Tabs blabs on about stuff nobody will ever read

Posted by tabs on 2015-02-13 16:21:43, Friday
In reply to Tabs lectures on Sex & Religion posted by tabitha church on 2015-02-13 15:13:46, Friday

virginity and breastfeeding are the only two things in life which are more wholesome than sex.

understanding virginity is vital to being Christian
no human being can claim to be Christian without living in perpetual awareness mindful of the virtue of innocence bound to Virginity.

When you know what virginity means you will also recognize the true reason behind circumsizion, a secret mysterious wisdom long lost meanwhile still being performed today by people who have no idea why it's done.

boys do not have virginity.

the removing of the foreskin has more to do with the hymen and labia and girlhood, than it does with penis or manhood.
it is done to serve as one most important daily reminder for boys, for all observers witnessing the meaningfulness of male gender.
it is to remind the world that husbandry is irrevocably bound to Virginity, Marriage, and conception, our part in the miracle of child birth.

Women grow the baby, give birth, nourish life from her tit.
Men do nothing and have no place in the life-cycle except insofar as they not-be-gay and keep keenly mindful of God's most sacred powerful gift to us. so important and sacred and powerful, men are to clip off the foreskin, symbolically marking devotion to faith in keeping the covenant between God and Mankind.

The foreskin of man is essentially vestigial, like an overgrown labia, hanging down out of the vagina, it is in the way.
The hymen is not so vestigial, it is not in-the-way of anything.
It is the way, the gateway through which all human life is created.

It is abominable to remove the foreskin or labia of girls, and removal of the clitoris is so evil, the act is essentially identical to rape and murder of an infant child. Meanwhile, the removal of the foreskin from an infant boy, is not a big deal. It is not traumatizing to the baby, what is traumatizing to the babies of the world is boys growing up into men who have no concept of how to respect his own species. That is why the secret of this wisdom has been lost, so few citizens of earth circumsize their boys, and those who do, are clueless as to why it's to be done.

Christians circumcize their boys, and when the child is 10 years of age he asks his father, "why did you have my foreskin removed as an infant"?

Because my son, you were not born a girl.
You are to obey your wife and serve your children.
She is not here to obey you.
She is here to grant you the title of fatherhood, raise the boy into a man.
You obey your mother and wife and sister and daughter, they do not obey you.
Your son shall obey you! Firstly by sacrificing his foreskin to mark the covenant between God and mankind.

And this is the key to the secret of reframing the thought patterns of boylovers with potentially dangerous habits toward temptation.
Jesus himself pointed out to us that femininity and womanhood is vital to bearing witness to the miracle of salvation.
Put simply, if you can't take a hint, masculinity and boyhood is not so vital to the revelation of mystery.

If the male was to be revered equally in society Jesus would've never told his disciples Mary Magdalene was best leader among them all.
And he never would've made a point to his disciples that children are greatest in heaven.
Jesus said that shit for a reason.
Boylovers especially need to work extra hard at trying to keep mindful of this idea so slippery, that maybe girls are worthy of some kind of loving too. Maybe if you lessen your fixation romanticizing over how amazing the beauty of scrawny hairless boy flesh, recognize this simple truth you've been running blind from your entire life. You think girls are just like boys, only less appealing, less attractive. But that's the lie you've been living under because girls aren't just like boys at all, they are way better, more complex, evolved, more human, more sentient, more life-giving, less life-taking, less destructive.
When human beings cannot distinguish between gender qualities, it only proves they have no respect for human life. Sadly, that is most people!
Wretched betrayers of Christ!

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