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Why The Squeamishness About Pedophilia?

Posted by Anti-Teleiophile Church on 2015-09-04 23:53:49, Friday
In reply to A cure for pedophilia posted by Confidential on 2015-09-04 19:32:54, Friday

For instance many people feel revulsion when they hear about David Koresh multiple and young wives, but if they are Bible believers, I can't see why they would be shocked. The ancient Hebrews were often pedophiles. They had unorthodox sex lives according to today's standards.

The Holy Bible not contains no prohibition of sex between adults and children, unless the sex is homosexual or incestuous (Leviticus 18). However, it does prohibit sex with unmarried girls, the punishment being that the seducer has to pay her father the bride-price for marrying her (Exodus 22:16). The remainder of Exodus 22 mostly concerns property rights; thus, it appears the main concern was that the loss of a girl's virginity would diminish her market value. There is no punishment mentioned for heterosexual sex with unmarried boys.

Although Matthew 5:28 states that lustful thoughts would be sinful, does not say that pure love thoughts were sinful.

All of the 12 Patriarchs had many young wives as did many of the prophets like Muhammad, he married a 9 aged girl.

In the Jewish religion, a boy of 13 - the approximate age of puberty - is considered an adult. This means he can be counted as part of a minyan (quorum of 10 men for prayer - women are not counted in Orthodox Judaism) and contract marriage and do other adult functions under Jewish law.

During the great flowering of Sephardic culture in medieval ages, there is abundant pederastic (boylove) poetry, much untranslated.

Hinduism also allows child marriage.

Most religions allows pedophilia.

So why the squeamishness about Pedophilia?

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