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Yes and no

Posted by Anti-teleiophile Church on 2015-09-06 22:09:36, Sunday
In reply to Children ARE innocent; glory of obeying God posted by Confidential on 2015-09-06 16:23:35, Sunday

If you're right on some things, but that's no reason to "cure" your pedophilia, is not a disease can not be cured, you can also cure your theism? if you do not want sex with prepubescent (eg I would not) is good, but not you pedophilia "cured" by grace of God, you're wrong, is your right to be pedophile, so do not destroy a part of you just for the society. Reminds the child murderers, rapists, drug traffickers etc. THEM if they are having a disease. We not.

And another problem is that 10-11 years are not children, but teenagers, nature itself has given them the power to have sex (sex organs, reproductive capacity and developed mind), these mixing with pedophilia but not, is really hebephilia, I am a hebephile, and I have been expelled from pro-pedophile sites for being against sex with prepubescent children, and indeed would NOT recommend it was even legal or not (unless the child was very mature) but with young teenagers really the potential for damage is the same as adult-adult relations or BETTER, in all relationships there is disparity of power, is nature, hebephilia is the nature, accept it.

I'm alot like you, but the other way, I hate my adultophilia, in fact I do the same to you to take it away that and stop thinking in adult women and pornography (all are disgusting, by the way), and nobody helps me, not psychologists nor psychiatrists nor anyone else, I feel bad and the adultophilia is a sexually transmitted disease, is for animals, I do not want this. And to try to stop that I being have become extremely religious and spiritual, and that as "god" has not helped me, I created my own religion to try to heal me, I respect your belief in God, but mine is something else. And by the way you have proof of "eternal life"? I believe in it but not "the" Christian, you have proof of that?

And sorry but no... there are not innocent, lack of innocence is not guilty, if sex gives life and it is natural that will corrupt a child? Think about it too.

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