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Because of Ignorance?

Posted by Anti-teleiophile church on 2015-09-05 17:48:37, Saturday
In reply to Because of LOVE posted by Confidential on 2015-09-05 16:55:06, Saturday

Confidential, your comment is typical of the moral panic discourse: amalgams, hearsay, hackneyed phrases, ignorance and outright fallacies presented as facts.

The first: who is a child? a non-adult? a person under 13 years or "any age that suits me, or put in an arbitrary document? childhood is a social construction to justify such pathetic and self-repressor thinking. Teenagers are not children.

All these point do nothing but confirm that pedophilia is not bad, bad is the society that enslaves the child, all your points just make it clear that the aggressor is the society, parents etc. NOT the pedophile, as you can not drop the face of shame to say that pedophilia is bad when others is do harm to the child, shame on you!

I really believe that Christianity gives suicidal teachings, as this medieval concept of "lust", we should enjoy sex (only with young teenagers, not between adults, is repulsive) and the good things of life, and leave us to worry about ghosts or gods or whatever. No "Pie in the Sky When you die" nor "Fry in the Hell When you die," no any host of spooks decides the fate of our lives.

1. God did nothing, it was nature who did it, and adults also become old and therefore no one complains, the child becomes an adult? then great!
2. The child not would have to have no secret, should be live in a FREE society, not in your society of fear. Blame it on parents and society not the pedophile.
3. The child would not have to testify against anyone, not treated medically by anyone, if he consented to the sexual act, is NOT abuse, children can consent, not are idiots! Again the fault is of psychiatrists, judges and other parasites, not the pedophile.
4. Exactly equal that relationships between adults... but simply I stop here, because I realize that simply you use fallacies and "assumptions" to justify not love a child, is pathetic, and again the fault is of everyone but not the pedophile.

PS: Children are not innocent, are people like adults, you go sell this bigotry to another, your comments only show disregard for children and yourself.

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