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Posted by Eldad on 2012-10-02 00:33:28, Tuesday
In reply to Re: what's my problem? posted by Dakota on 2012-10-01 21:21:55, Monday

There's no easy answer, and a YF who is your single most important relationship only makes for a worse situation; a nice easy computer game addiction merely requires you to get rid of the computer. The reality behind obsessions seems, IMNSHO, to be the fact that you've got nothing else to pour your attention into - so ALL your spare energy goes into this one thing. It may be very satisfying, and not in itself wrong, but when it is eating you up, it's a problem. In the case of YFs, it often comes from the fact that we've ended up isolated generally, and our YF is the only ray of sunshine in our life. THIS IS A RECIPE FOR A DISASTER. We need to be interacting in a wide variety of ways, building and maintaining a LOT of different relationships.

Some practical thoughts:

Offer to host visitors on contact boards

Use to find people with vaguely the same interest - or just people to go to the cinema with

Volunteer to do stuff - NOT just with boys!

Build a wider life - then your YF will be in proportion...

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