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Computers and Sex

Posted by Cat on 2011-08-30 04:16:33, Tuesday

I have been thinking that it's very easy to use a computer as a sex tool.

One can look up all sorts of things online with a view to getting some kind of gratification. Pictures, youtubes, comics, sexy chat... whatever. Some of this stuff is legal and some isn't and some of it is legal today and might be illegal tomorrow at the whim of some law-maker.

One of the problems with looking at legal things is that it can easily escalate to looking at less legal things.... or less safe things.

Online anonymity and safety is generally an illusion unless you are particularly computer savey and know exactly how to protect yourself... most of us are not I'd wager. Nevertheless it's a compelling illusion. You sit at home with your computer and you feel like no one is watching... no one can see what you're looking at. You FEEL alone. It could be an illusion with devastating consequences when you discover it's not true.

With all of the above in mind... it's my conclusion that as boylovers we should seek to separate our sexual gratification and from our computers all together.

If you really want to play it safe and have peace of mind... keep your sexing away from the computer. Make a firm decision to do this and don't look back. Find a nice cozy place, like your bed or your shower and fantasise away to your hearts content and learn to be content with that.

As males who are visually stimulated by nature, there's no doubt that an orgasm with visuals is much more powerful than one reliant just on imagination. Nevertheless, far better to cultivate and develop skills in a nice safe imagination than to take the risks of getting caught in the online trap. There is a sacrificial cost to a decision like this... but it's much less than the sacrifice you'll pay if you're caught with boy erotica on your computer.



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