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Another view

Posted by Youth?? on 2011-09-01 06:34:25, Thursday
In reply to Computers and Sex posted by Cat on 2011-08-30 04:16:33, Tuesday

There is being cautious, then there is being paranoid. For some, the computer is a magical world in which to drown ourselves in. Whether it be facebook or gaming, it's just wonderful.

Here in the states, I don't think we have to worry about looking at - non nude, non sexually active pictures of boys. Looking at pictures of boys on the swim team is one my favorites. They're beautiful, but one way or another, it's art. Some might 'get off' on these pictures, but some look at it in a more gentle manner, and use their energy elsewhere.

Unless you are downloading files of questionable origin/content I don't think there is much to worry about. So many people access pictures like the ones I mentioned, even mom's simply stating "That's my boy!" and things of that nature. That and the idea behind what your asking is wonderful, but quite the task. I'd take a step to say it would take some kind of uncanny willpower to sperate sexual gratification and our computers.

Personally, I watch completely legal porn quite often. Between my mom and my dad, it's not a stretch to say I have an addictive personality type through either learned behaviour or genetics in general. When my mother used to get stressed out (the actual definition of stress is self percieved) she would smoke a ciggarete, usually followed by a sigh of relief, and some take that same metaphore into masturbation. When life has me down, I just pop up my anti-virus program and fap away.

I can't admit in any way this is healthy, but it's all about how you percieve the action. I always feel much better afterwards (also, during) and I can go on with my day/days/week.

I'm univerally gay, in stating that - I'm saying I'm attracted to the male body, of a huge age range, so I do not try and compare my expierences to those who are strictly attracted to boys - in which I would definetly say, yes, what Cat is saying is entirely true. It's a slippery slope that could end very badly.

However, nothing is less legal. It's either legal, or it's not. (Which would depend on where you live) but in the states, if a boy has cloths on, and isn't engaging in any sexual activity, or visiably arrounsed (I'd have to double check that one) it's perfectly legal - but again, It -is- a slippery slope. And one should always avoid those.

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