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Structure is always number one

Posted by Youth?? on 2011-09-02 09:57:12, Friday
In reply to Re: Another view posted by AJ on 2011-09-01 15:41:48, Thursday

Jesus also had structure in his life.
A family who loved him and taught him well, obviously he was well behaved, seeing how he was sinless. He followed his 'fathers' occupaition as a carpenter, and then, you know - he devoted his life to God, and died.

He was pretty busy, but the point is, he had a good childhood, good parents, and had stuff to do. I know that sounds basic, but who is it exactly who gets hooked on this stuff first? Kids who have nothing to do. They're not the only ones. But I'd bet a pretty penny boredom is just a seed that grows into things like this. People are not happy, and they can't be. It all starts with the parents, they plant a seed into that child and how he will behave.

Then at a certain point, the ball is it the 'childs' court, it's his turn. Like me, I have no job at the moment, and I'm pretty much just sitting on my ass until something good comes through. I watched porn here and there when I had a job, but no where near as 'scheduled' as I do now.

Structure is always number one.

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