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What exactly is this site about?

Posted by Tanner on 2011-07-11 23:29:40, Monday

Howdy! im a Christian pretty much Pentecostal but i have a few differences. anyway, i to struggle with an attraction to children of the same sex, however im a little confused as to what this site is here for, is it here for those wishing to seek deliverance or is it for those who think its ok to be attracted to young boys? because im not going to water it down, its a sin and its not ok in Gods eyes, now as a Christian struggling with this i will say if this is a site for those seeking help or deliverance thats great and i will come on quite often, its good to have people to help you and who understand you. but if this site is for those who think its ok to be in relationships with young boys then you couldnt be more wrong. im just kind of getting mixed feelings from the posts and was kind of wondering. Thanks God bless :)

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