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Re: What exactly is this site about?

Posted by qwerty on 2011-07-12 17:27:58, Tuesday
In reply to What exactly is this site about? posted by Tanner on 2011-07-11 23:29:40, Monday

Allow me to put Eldad's meaning more simply:

Some of us here (I think it's the majority) believe that a sexual relationship with a child is sinful. However, there are some here who would say it's much too complex for it to simply be that simple.

Now, you said, "is it here for those wishing to seek deliverance or is it for those who think its ok to be attracted to young boys?" I think just about everyone here thinks it's okay to be attracted to young boys. It's pretty clear that the attraction itself is not sinful. As in, it's pretty clear biblically that is the case. Seeking deliverance? That's hard to answer because it's unclear just what you are asking. I don't think anyone here is seeking to be completely rid of their attraction to boys (I could be wrong). But if by "seeking deliverance," you mean seeking to be delivered from the temptations to make a relationship with a boy sexual, then most of us here would probably say, yes, we are seeking that.

Your post is contradictory. At first you say "or is it for those who think its ok to be attracted to young boys," then you say, "but if this site is for those who think its ok to be in relationships with young boys...." So which is it, do you believe it's sinful to be attracted to boys, or is it only sinful if the relationship becomes sexual?

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