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How to prevent a trap

Posted by Youth?? on 2010-12-02 08:27:08, Thursday

So a good friend of mine was in a relationship with this girl for... four years or so - possibly five, until one day she just confessed she was not happy anymore. A lot more crap followed this, but basically, she doesn't actually have a reason. The two are still great friends and talk - and there is the 'possibility' of them going back together. My friend is a good person, he doesn't drink (mostly because dad was a homicidal maniac when he was introduced to drinking) nor smoke - and he only really dealt with a bad mouth during puberty and after he got out of the armed forces. A lot like me - he had gotten sick and tired of the people who go to 'church' and he basically quit going all together until the fiasco I spoke of at first came along, and back to church he goes. I want to come out and tell him that going to church will not make your life better. It won't. It won't suddenly make her come back to him. The fact is - he's looking for a reason to be wrong so he then could fix said wrong and make it right. But what if she really doesn't have a reason. People lie - and always have a motivation for it. So she is either - lying, and isn't worth a damn in the end, or that's the truth. She can't even figure herself out. But I'm just trying to hold my friend back for suddenly blaming himself for the breakup. And going back to church is simply doing it. He isn't suddenly back in love with God. He left the 'church' because of his disgust for people. So how long until another pastor get's a fifteen year old girl pregnant or he realizes that God isn't going to pacify someone to fall in love? The reason good things happen to bad people and vice versa is because God doesn't physically move the chess pieces around the chess board. He gave the chess board to Satan long ago. All he can do is lead. Not control. And I really wish he'd realize this.

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