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Chess board

Posted by Cat on 2010-12-06 13:37:56, Monday
In reply to How to prevent a trap posted by Youth?? on 2010-12-02 08:27:08, Thursday

"God doesn't physically move the chess pieces around the chess board. He gave the chess board to Satan long ago. All he can do is lead. Not control."

Personally I find this view very far away from Scripture.

The world is not a game God plays.
It's outcome is set and determined... there is no chance outcome... it will all work out just as God... who is very very much in control... intends for it to.

Satan is not an opposing player... if we were going to indulge the analogy at all...he's merely a pawn on the board.

God both leads and controls.
He works all things according to the counsel of His will. (Eph 1:11).

I do agree with you that going to church isn't going to magically heal his relationship... but hopefully... despite the sinfulness that he'll find in any human community.... God will minister to him there nonetheless.



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