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Sounds like great counselling to me

Posted by Eldad on 2010-12-03 09:57:49, Friday
In reply to Re: How to prevent a trap posted by Billy207 on 2010-12-03 02:02:30, Friday

An awful lot of counselling is about giving a person a safe place to talk about the issues they are struggling with in an environment where feel confident that they will be listened to and understood. So don't worry that that's all you are doing - indeed resisting the temptation to offer advice is the hardest part of learning to be a good counsellor IME - especially having recently suffered someone making that mistake with me, and knowing I struggle with the tendency in myself, as I tend to demonstrate on this board...

[Looks embarrassed - wonders about the situation where the post he's just written seems to be subject to the criticism that he's just made within in, and wanders off muttering about self referential loops that disappear in a puff of logic]

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