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The purpose of marriage?

Posted by Eldad on 2010-12-02 11:31:28, Thursday
In reply to How to prevent a trap posted by Youth?? on 2010-12-02 08:27:08, Thursday

IMHO the way that God wants it to work is for us to join together in marriage as a permanent and trustworthy commitment of two people to each other 'for better or for worse'. This enables us to find a safe place for us to grow emotionally and spiritually, knowing that there is one secure relationship in our lives, and it provides a safe place for children to grow up - which is the big issue in all this: it's kids that get most hurt when their parents give up on their marriage. To me therefore this woman appears to be taking the easy way out of a relationship that she should be solidly committed to. Marriage counsellors speak of the '7 year itch' that tends to strike in relationships - she's just a bit ahead of the schedule - where a certain degree of boredom sets in, and there is a propensity to wonder if the grass is greener on the other side.

As to whether going to church will help him: it depends on whether he meets God for himself as a result. If he does, then he may well get his life back together, whether the relationship works out or not. But what is certainly true is that demanding that God give him the relationship back as a condition for his believing in God is not a wise way forward; we can't come to God clinging onto stuff, we've got to accept what He wants in our lives, believing that His way is the best. To do otherwise is the mistake of Eve, who reaches out for what is not hers to have in the belief that God is holding back what is good for her.

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