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Ed Shaw's case against gay sex

Posted by Eldad on 2017-10-08 20:21:43, Sunday

Ed Shaw's 'The Plausibility Problem' is a strong challenge to anyone who wants to argue that homosexual practice is acceptable for Christians. It is written by a 'Same Sex Attracted' celibate church pastor; he prefers the term as distinguishing him from the 'gay community' which has no problem with gay sex. It is both a personal testimony to his experience of living as a single SSA guy in an ordinary church with a lot of painful loneliness, and a stinging attack on the 'missteps' of the theology that legitimates gay sex.

His missteps include: 'your sexuality is your identity' – when your identity is in Christ; 'if you are born gay it can't be wrong to be gay'; 'if it makes you happy it must be alright' – whereas Jesus calls us to DIE to self; 'sex is where true intimacy is found' – which includes a discussion of David and Jonathan and argues for the need for us ALL to have many intimate relationships; 'celibacy is bad for you' – which given that both Jesus and Paul ministered while celibate is especially flawed; and 'suffering is to be avoided' – blatantly inconsistent with a call to costly service. Once these errors are identified, the 'theology' of gay relationships crumbles away.

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