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Posted by jaackov on 2016-10-22 00:21:57, Saturday
In reply to Ed Shaw 'The Plausibility Problem' posted by Eldad on 2016-10-21 11:57:34, Friday

Thank you for introducing this source and giving such a good description. Most of time, I'm thinking about these discussions and existing contradictions and conclude something which can't help. Yes, you're right. He'll wipe away every tears some day. But it certainly won't happen in this world. Also, as you said, it won't happen for all BL's. If a man be faithful and obedient, he'll have the eternal opportunity to have eternal boys to trade love with. The ones who'll be certainly much more desirable than the boys in this world. The ones who'll love you and God will guarantee their love to you. The ones who'll be yours and remain yours forever. The ones who'll never grow to be men and loose their beauties and boyhood. This will happen, no doubt. But what may I do with this body in this world? What may I do with my soul who's thirsty to taste a real boy's love? Sometimes I prefer to die than being so alone. A life with no love is not a real life and I'm sure this is not the life which we've to experience. Others fall in love with girls, announce, begin their lives happily and will not have any problem after life to. But I've to forget boys to have no problem after life. This is not justice. I claim my portion. Who sees my tears in this world? And what's the conclusion of my tears? I wish the Christ be here and I complain about it...
I'll read your text again...

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