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A Question

Posted by Unnamed on 2016-06-25 17:56:52, Saturday

I recognize lust as a deadly sin, and I do not, in recent memory, recall myself committing a deadly sin; nor do I by any means wish to. It is, however, a concern of mine that the temptation will spring up if I expose myself to an improper combination of elements. The main problem comes from a relation of mine who happens to inhabit the form of a small boy.
I have a fear that if I am involved in his life I will fail to shake my horrid thoughts. In fact, I am afraid that I will be lead further into sinful temptations. I know, and have confidence in myself, that I would never act to harm anyone; but fears are often irrational, and that irrationality plagues me.
My questions is: can I wholeheartedly love a child (a parental, Platonic love of course), or does that invite negativity into the mind and cause unnecessary suffering for me as well as others? I am interested to hear your thoughts.

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