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Oh bless...

Posted by Eldad on 2016-08-31 03:53:40, Wednesday
In reply to Irony posted by An amused atheist on 2016-08-29 01:52:14, Monday

One of the more entertaining features of watching atheists is the fact that they get SO upset by Christians. Anyone would have thought that they had DOUBTS, so were shouting more loudly, or more obnoxiously, because they were trying to convince themselves that they were right (and yes, Christians have the same propensity). I hope for your sake that you find Him real in your life; it does make the whole ride worthwhile, and the retirement benefits are infinitely improved.

Science cannot disprove God; it is unable to search under every rock in this universe to determine whether a creature which most of us would identify as a god is hiding there, let alone look beyond this universe. God is an historical actor; the most we can do is with ANY character in history is to decide whether the evidence for the person's existence makes that existence the most likely hypothesis. The only way to be certain about God not existing is to rule Him out on philosophical grounds, but such an approach is to assume the result you want.

For me, apart from the way in which He has looked after me over the years, the best evidence for God is that the resurrection of Jesus. That happening - which set the church expanding to fill the Roman Empire and beyond - is best explained by a miracle. Many have tried to offer other explanations - and often end up convinced the miracle did happen. Frank Morison's 'Who moved the stone' is an elegant example of this...

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