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And what happens when you're ALIVE?

Posted by Anti-Teleiophile Church on 2015-08-29 08:17:05, Saturday
In reply to But is it true? And what happens when you DIE?: posted by Eldad on 2015-08-29 06:07:14, Saturday

The fanciful claims of followers of religions of the Copper Age are also fun to watch.

Life after death? I think it is fanciful to believe in life in heaven after death without evidence, but still very useful to a scammer, you know... you tell your followers that there is life after death, and Best of all: no refund!

But I'm not an atheist, atheists do not believe in anything, however I believe a lot in my religion, but what I do is not believe everything they tell me without proof, my religion is based on FACTS (you can sympathize or reject it rationally) but Christianity is not based on fact, you not have proof of your statements, so... will I waste my life in fear a God than anyone seen excepting the founder and four "chosen" more?

This recorded that man has created more than 6,000 gods and goddesses worshiped only by superstitious and ignorants, for example Scientology says that through its programs I reincarnate into another being in a different galaxy, Mormons say that I will be a god I can govern millions of planets, Islam promises me that I will live with 40 virgins (hopefully!) in paradise, the pagans who will live in Valhalla, etc. and so on to infinity.

After that, live next to God in heaven seems so not great with this variety, right? You keep your religion only for fear?

Remember superstition and credulity are mental weaknesses, be cautious and skeptical is not wrong.

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