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some pedos command respect and inspire admiration?

Posted by tabs on 2015-09-04 21:55:57, Friday
In reply to boychat posted by Anti-teleiophile church on 2015-09-02 10:03:49, Wednesday

No the cogs aren't cops, they're just greatly admired, highly respected, vastly intelligent, loyally devoted, caring individuals, deeply concerned for the welfare of pedophiles. Nothing strange about that! So plentiful in number the committee of supporters involved fully satisfies the demand for continuation of discussion on controversial subjects in every major language worldwide!

No they're not cops, just really super nice perverts who would never narc on anyone.

A monopoly of pedo sites operating freely without opposition for over a decade, meanwhile any attempts made forming copycat sites are shut down within 3 months time.

But don't listen to me, just ask the detective who investigated me, after finding me guiltless told me it was one of the old cogs of BC who'd befriended me into trusting him, that was responsible for reporting me as highly suspicious with 99% certainty of illegal activity.
What are the odds a guy like me would prove innocent?

Even the vastly intelligent, highly respected, greatly admired, loyally devoted "child-lovers" will make mistakes sometimes.

in love & service,

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