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love you

Posted by tabitha church on 2014-12-16 17:07:44, Tuesday

Whenever you come across people who always habitually say "love you" to everyone, including those they dislike, these are True Christians.

I asked God why did I sink down into becoming such a bitter, jaded, broken soul.
Was it Lucifer or demonic forces, or my own fault, or is there a reason behind everything throughout all of creation?
He answered me thus-
How else could the true light of glory be wrought among men without supply of perfectly designed tests sent to prove of their shining?
You are he, O thou! Tabs, sent to test the limits of mankind's capacity to facilitate unconditional love. Love thy neighbor. Love thy enemies. Love the Lord. God is love.

Do you love me?
What's your excuse for not saying so? Is it unprofessional? Is love a word so serious that improper usage trivializes its true meaning?
Or maybe you just feel awkward or uncomfortable or dishonest voicing it with strangers? Unwelcome love is intrusive, an offensive burden sometimes?

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