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Interesting claim - but does it prove anything?

Posted by Eldad on 2014-10-21 05:51:13, Tuesday
In reply to Hello posted by 0000 on 2014-10-20 23:38:49, Monday

That's the issue. There is a strong tendency in some evangelical circles to assume that your experience is normative: that if you have 'really' received the Holy Spirit, you will stop being attracted to people of the same sex. And, of course, your testimony strengthens that position. But is it true? I note that you've not sought to engage with my questions about how to interpret Romans 1, which is the nearest to a justification for this sort of view that I've heard offered biblically.

I'm also curious about the details of your transformation - if you are willing to be asked some rather pointed questions.

1) Has the attraction to the same sex gone completely? Do you now look at the sort of person who was sexually stimulating and ask yourself, 'What on earth is the attraction of that?'. Or is it more subtle? One of the issues that has made the ex-gay community in the USA a laughing stock in some quarters is the way that its leaders have presented themselves as changed - and then caught out hanging around in gay bars. This implies, at best, that the change only added a heterosexual attraction rather than removing the homosexual as well.

2) Did you specifically ask God for this healing, or was it just a part of the package when you 'received the spirit'?

3) Is your sexual arousal to people of the opposite sex now as strong as it was to those of the same sex in the past?

4) Are you aware of a change in the nature of your relationships with people; relationships that used to have a modicum of sexual frisson in them now don't, and vice versa? Have others commented on a change in you?

5) How long ago was the change?

I'd like to hope these are helpful to you in asking about what God has done - and if you choose to share the answers with us, all the better.

For a long discussion on the issue of such changes, a somewhat sceptical Christian board has a major thread on the topic

• ( http link ) Anyone know any 'cured' gay folk?

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