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Posted by 0000 on 2014-10-24 14:46:05, Friday
In reply to Interesting claim - but does it prove anything? posted by Eldad on 2014-10-21 05:51:13, Tuesday

Sorry for replying so late. I didn't expect you to reply so quickly. I'll answer your questions to best of my ability, mate.
1. Yes the attraction to the same sex is gone. No I don't think that. I just look at them as a regular person. I know it is hard to believe a ex gay that they're are actually no longer homosexual anymore. I didn't heal myself of homosexuality, God did. I had no power to change my attractions. I couldn't say tell myself "Stop being gay." I heard other testimonies of being an ex gay.

2. Yes and yes. It wasn't easy or quick. God works on his time and mysterious ways. You just have to faith and patience.
3. Yes. My attraction to the same sex wasn't that powerful to begin with. I got tired of good looks and got bored. I value personality.
4.Yes. I'll admit it does feel weird. Can you image being attracted to someone and then the next, just not? No one noticed because I was in the closet.
5. 20 years ago.
It is good to be skeptical. I'm just a guy on the internet. Url could not be found. Good bless you though.

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