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Christian Pedophiles/Boylovers

Posted by Gemini909 on 2014-10-19 14:45:04, Sunday

Hi. I'm not a pedophile, just some girl looking inside from the outside. It must be difficult being a Christian and even worse being a pedophile. But I don't really believe that anyone was "born" a pedophile or homosexual, sorry. I'm not just human being who jumps on the bandwagon or needs society, or some random person telling me my beliefs. I'm a free thinker and Christian. Society may embrace homosexuality and gay marriage but that doesn't necessarily mean that I have to. People assume that if you're not on the bandwagon you're a bigot. Nope, I'm just not of the world. Isn't that what being a true Christian kind of about? I believe God loves everyone but God does not make anyone "this" or "that". That is Satan's lies. This world isn't ruled by God but by Satan. His purpose is damned to hell by encouraging sinful lifestyles and placing sinful things into lives. I'm not posting this to offend you but simply exposing the truth. People think being an follower of Christ is about saying things to angry others but really they just can't handle the truth. Truth hurts doesn't it? Unfortunately, gay marriage is on its way and some of you hope that pedophilic marriages as well. If any of you believe this should be legalized then I hate to say but you're not a real Christian, just a hypocrites who sees what is right in his/her own eyes. To be honest... I'm disgusted by those "boylovers" forums and websites. You can be Christian AND pedophile but I don't think you continue to encourage lustful thoughts and actions and expect to walk on the path of heaven. Read the bible, don't add or subtract from it, and try to obey God so you can have a REAL relationship with Him.
May God Bless you all

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