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Posted by Gemini909 on 2014-10-28 19:51:37, Tuesday
In reply to Come on, you've got to do better than that posted by Eldad on 2014-10-26 21:03:35, Sunday

I'm not a believer of the past. I look to the future and so should you. God gave mankind free will. It may of been acceptable in the past but doesn't make it acceptable. Incest, murder, lust, and other sins happened in the bible as well. But it doesn't necessarily means it was acceptable. I'm sure the boys still experienced symptons of it though. It pretty stupid to assume just because lovely society says it bad it is bad. Victims don't need to be told by the world that there are bad touch and good touch. Rape victims don't get angry because society says so.

Isn't funny how you reply with facts on the past like you honestly believe the events that happened in the past will come back to present? You are a true boylover aren't you? The past is in the past. Get out of it. This isn't like Rome where parents just gave their children as currency to complete strangers or 11 year olds wives to 40 year old men. If there really was agenda then it will not be reached.

Thanks for the facts based on the gay community. Makes absolute sense why people during the 1960's disliked gays. Pedophiles make up a small percentage of the population. I'm no expert but I can't say every man or women looked at child in a sexual way. I'm sure that community must of had a blast sharing the best material around.

I get it. In a way I think I can sympathize with you. No one choose their attractions but I don't believe it is something that is planted in our wonderful DNA. Society may accept homosexuality but doesn't mean the path is open for pedophiles. That how society just is. It is Godless and it is stupid.Kids are having sex younger and getting pregnant younger. Lovely. Even the church doesn't believe in homosexuality. The true pastors take everything out of that bible serious. They don't sugarcoat it to be pleasing to the masses. What do you think it means for you? I feel sorry for you without being sorry for you. One thing I agree with you is church needs to help people out instead of shunning.

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