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I wouldn't choose condemnation

Posted by Fred on 2014-11-17 00:52:15, Monday
In reply to Christian Pedophiles/Boylovers posted by Gemini909 on 2014-10-19 14:45:04, Sunday

All I can say, is that pedophiles are considered among the most revulsive members of society, perhaps only second to terrorists. There is no way that me or anyone else here would willing place themself at the constant risk of being discovered and shunned from society. It just wouldn't make any sense.
No, the only possible reason that someone would acknowledge being a pedophile is that it's so deeply rooted in who they are that they can't reconcile their love for God and/or desire to be a normal member of society with the fact that they have an apparently sinful attraction, that they attempt to resist every day.

I won't deny that my 'upbringing' may have contributed to me being attracted to young children. In fact it probably did. But that was totally out of my control, and doens't change the fact that I am now attracted to young boys, and try as I might, I can't replace that attraction with 'normal' heterosexual attraction.

I really want to be heterosexual. I try to avoid being around children; I try to foster relationships with adult women; and I pray to God for help finding a solution every day. But here I am, still a pedophile. So I'm not asking you to "jump on any bandwagons". I don't think it would be reasonable for society to accept pedophilia. I just ask that you and others like you accept that telling us we're sinners doesn't help would be much more helpful if society accepted pedophilia as a handicap that should be treated through therapy and prayer.

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