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Posted by Justchecking24 on 2013-11-18 13:27:54, Monday
In reply to "there is no such thing as evil" posted by Eldad on 2013-11-18 03:40:05, Monday

To clarify my position on evil, if God is all good and powerful, evil is a creation of man, a misinterpretation of God's work. It seems too easy to use evil as a scapegoat and say that evil exists instead of accepting God's will that unpleasant things happen. I think we discuss matters such as God and evil in such human terms, we forget that they are supposed to be beyond our understanding. And as much as I would like to think I have access to an understanding of God through the bible, it was still written, transcribed, rewritten, re-transcribed, misinterpreted and presented by man as the word of God. I can imagine how the men who wrote the bible felt, knowing they were creating a book with the authority of God. It wouldn't surprise me that they forbid the things that made them uncomfortable.

As for "wherever this may lead", I meant that in a variety of ways. Gay marriage is legal in 15 states, and probably soon all of them. Therefore at some point this relationship could be made permanent albeit not for some years. To more directly address what you were thinking, sex should only take place between two people physically capable. I became physically capable when I was around 12, yet I didn't learn to masturbate until I was nearly 15. I would have appreciated an older partner to help me enjoy that new part of my human experience. I believe if two people are capable and willing, then who should have a say against them. It is only people who seek to hurt others for the satisfaction of causing them pain that are a problem, and this particular situation doesn't fall within those boundaries. Although I shouldn't have to say it, I will, I wouldn't do anything to force or coerce him into anything he was uncomfortable with doing. I don't understand why sexual intimacy is given such a high seat, it is still a human function like eating and eliminating waste. We act as though sex is the most powerful tool in our arsenal to destroy each other. I doubt sex would have that much power if we didn't allow it.

The power of our relationships with these boys is greater than we can understand. We have very little knowledge of those who engage in these types of relationship since they must be kept so secret. This could be the most beneficial type of relationship for both parties, but since it makes people uncomfortable it forced away. If I have the ability to help guide this boy to do great things, like go to college and get a good job, make responsible choices like avoiding drugs, help him to save money and be an overall good person, where is the harm in the special relationship between us? If we were together and helped many people over the course of time, nobody should care what we do in our private lives. I can't emphasize enough my desire to be a positive force, but I am still viewed as negative, as I expected. I am viewed as a child molesting/raping monster using good intentions as my guise. I would rather have a great millstone fastened around my neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea than cause harm to my YF.

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